Hawksbill Mountain, Virginia | November 2018

Hawksbill Mountain, Virginia | November 2018


Hailey Bruinsma

I started my journey in Photography when I was 14. From there, I took many classes throughout High School including Advanced Placement Photography where we had to create a project that would be displayed at an exhibition at the end of May, 2013. August 2013, I started at The University of the Arts. For three years I worked tirelessly on my art until falling ill in September of 2016. After taking a year off from school to recover, I found that I was much more in tune with my art and the direction that I wanted to go in. I received my BFA with a concentration in Photography in May of 2018. Since graduation, I have started working with the Arts Guild New Jersey on my new project 22 Percent.

My work as a photographer has been primarily focused on nature, its extravagant color, and ever-changing landscapes. Through the exploration of nature, my political and social awareness of the landscape has evolved into a deep love and commitment to the preservation of the earth around us. After witnessing firsthand the 1990 line at the Vatnajökull glacier in Iceland, I became incredibly intrigued by human environmental impact and began documenting their effect on the landscape. Without human intervention, the natural landscape would change all on its own, but through the extraction and burning of fossil fuels, coal, and more, we have exacerbated the natural cycle. Using digital photography, I plan to document the landscape as it changes and bring awareness to the impact that mankind has.

I am available for hire. Please contact me for any opportunities. 




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